When I was a kid, my family always told me that I’m an observer — content with sitting on the sidelines, quietly watching and noticing. The older I get, the more I realize that’s still true. I carry this deep desire and passion for observing time by documenting moments as they pass; trying to hold onto them longer than time allows me to. Visual art has become such a incredibly important way for me to preserve memories in tangible form. I’ve tapped into the magic and joy of freezing time into still photographs, videos, and journals stacked on journals that are etched with years worth of moments that have come and gone. I hope that my desire to document life makes me more alive and present in moments as they unfold. I want to be awake to the beauty in the details that form the fabric of the everyday.

But beneath all of these things, I am a daughter. I am a student and I am a slow and steady work in progress. I am a big fan of my friends and morning coffee and collecting songs and movies — replaying them until I know every. single. word. I cry easily over good food, like tacos and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and coconut popsicles. My face gets horribly red whenever I exercise or get called on in class or get put as the center of attention and can’t escape people’s stares. I’m all about soft, warm light and nostalgia and the fact that I get to live in Nashville with the people who inspire me the most.

this is an online junk drawer of the things that I create and collect.

I’m glad you’re here.


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