not happenstance

recently i’ve been thinking about the people that have been written into this chapter of my story — the ones who boldly walk alongside me through the seemingly ordinary day to day moments. these friends of mine spill light out onto the paths we walk down, adding vibrance to the otherwise mundane — blasting outdated pop songs with car windows rolled down. and i’m learning from them how to dance through seasons of uncertainty as we are learning together to cling to what is good and true. and the more that i think about it, the more impossible it becomes to consider it all to be simple happenstance. our paths have not crossed by coincidence.

because our God is so good and so relational. time and time again He leads me into friendships that are beautiful and human and broken and then taps me on the shoulder and reminds me that His steadfast love poured out is the only thing that will ever be able to fill in all the gaps. the only thing sure and steady enough to cling to.

Ivey Redding