a running list of lists


-white linen comforter

-when you’re cold and you get in a car that’s been warmed by sunshine

-laying under a pile of warm laundry

-my nashville bedroom at 5pm

-the color of morning coffee

-the smell of morning coffee

-southern backroad summer landscapes 

-my grandmothers laugh


-being called on in class

-sesame seeds ever since the doctor told me that i was mildly allergic to them freshman year of high school 


-getting locked in a bathroom

-being honest with a boy about my feelings

-being home alone in our family’s house in Atlanta

 -being followed

-being the center of attention and unable to escape people’s stares 

-running out of gas

-swimming in the waves at the beach

-water sports

-when mama is sad

-being misunderstood 



-picking blueberries in the backyard 

-fresh bread and lots of butter

-chicken tacos from Mas Tacos

-debriefing a good movie 

-the coconut popsicle at Las Paletas 

-Dozen Bakery

-molly carroll 

-the white wildflowers that grow on the side of Georgia backroads and highways


-there being no more pumpkin chocolate chip muffins left at the coffee shop 

-the boy doesn’t like you back

-going to a restaurant on the day that it’s closed when you’re super amped about that meal

-forgetting your left overs at the restaurant table — why does this always happen

-the plans to go on that trip fall through the cracks 

-the boy starts dating someone else

-not being heard. feeling invisible.

-not being able to sleep on a night when you know a good night sleep is really important

Ivey Redding